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Welcome to Ubercade!

Shall we play a game? Ubercade (uber + arcade) was created to whet my insatiable appetite for classic (and not so classic gaming), and my need to have a 400 lb hulk of particle board and wires in my basement.

Thanks to the miracle that is emulation software I could relive my mispent youth without having to beg my Dad for more quarters. All was not well in video gaming paradise, however... Banging on a keyboard at my desk or futzing with a cheezy game pad wasn't quite the same experience. I wanted more. I wanted to Build My Own Arcade Controls so that I could experience the classics in the manner they were meant to be experienced: in a full fledged "authentic" arcade cabinet.

Through these principles a guiding cathode ray light was shone and UBERCADE was born! er... hatched! ... uhm... created?!

From this site you can see marvelous pictures and bask in the retrogaming glory that is Ubercade, read the diary of a madman to better understand the construction process, envy at my cold soldering hacking tecnique, point out the minute detail that I overlooked, or comment on how you would have done it better.

NOTE: Latest Image of UberCade's Progress - oooh spinner!!!

Ubercade is a work in progress, and this site will be updated semi-regularly to reflect the dynamic nature of this project. Progress is currently hampered by the extremely playable state Ubercade is currently in =) I uploaded some new pics in a crappy gallery HERE with updated control panel and smoked plexiglass monitor glass (and ooooooh a spinner!)

BTW we offer affordable webhosting for your MAME cabinet project complete with, PHP, mysql, etc... Drop me an email via the contact button on the main menu to get set up/ask questions.

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Puny humans, we will eat your brains unless you give us your ubercade technology! Boom! We want your ubercade technology, and maybe a ham sandwich.  We don't think it's too much to ask!  How can you put a price on the survival of you species? We will conquor your puny planet fools! We are secretly in the underground resistance.  We will help your puny planet because we do not approve of our leaders war like ways.  That and we don't care much for your so called ubercade!  Shhhh  It's a secret... I can hear your thoughts! Boom!